What We Talk About When We Talk About Quality?

Jul. 17, 2019

What We Talk About When We Talk About Quality?

As we all know, product quality is vital to a jewllery brand. Due to the well-developed internet, the negative comments from comsumers will spread rapidly in a large area, they will undoubtedly destroy your image and depress sales!

I believe many manufacturers claim that their products are of high quality, so do we. But what we talk about when we talk about quality? this can be explained as follows.

1. Safety

Prodcut safety is basic but very important all the time. Over the years, the market has sought greater regulations on toxic heavy metals, those relevant to all parts of jewellery are nickel, lead and cadmium, so it's the first step to make sure all prodcuts comply with the relevant legislation or directive, such as California Proposition 65 and REACH Annex XVII.

2. Durability

The end customers don't expect the items they bought would tarnished so fast or a clasp cannot work properly after three-month normal use. For stone set products, it's key to ensure the stones wouldn't fall out!

3. Surface

People tend to wear beautiful jewellery products, which can make them happy and get compliments. To obtain satisfactory surface (without porous or scratches and shine like a mirror ), not only grinding but also highly polishing process need to be performed. 

Certainly some international jewellery brands carry out stricter standards on quality, with good communication and mature technology, we can make it all smooth.

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